Reflector | 2010 | mirror foil, microphones, transducer, feedbackdestroyer, amplifier, control unit | installation view, public space, Linz/A

Reflector consists of one sound system and reflecting mirroring window surfaces. Analog to the chrome coated glas window surfaces (mirrored) a sound system reflects recorded audio signals from the surrounding area by playing them back through the window surfaces via a transducer. An intensified visible and audible play back is counter acted by a slight delay of acustic signals. This play back delay within milli seconds allows the space in front of the membrane to appear deeper, wider and stronger compressed. In conjunction with this seperation of the acustic from the visual signal flow the doubling of visual and acustic „mirorring“ unfolds its specific meaning. Sounds produced from the immidiate surroundings are played back dynamically delayed with a time difference near the echo threshold – the time sequence that enables an acoustic event to be perceived separately. They slip away from the familiar audio- visual space time structure because of their spontaneous detection. Reflector can be seen as a experimental situation that enters into phenomenological discovery of a dialogue between identity and public spaces, an exploration of circumstances surrounding self – and external perception which holds an essential insight: public space is not a fixed terrain but a fragmented, pluralistic and fragile construct that is constantly articulated by spatialization of time and therefore never fixed in its meaning.